Greetings! My name is Charlotte (Char). I became a licensed practical nurse in 1979, and worked in home care for the last 20 years. I have always loved to draw, ever since I was a child. I did a couple of oil paintings in the ’80s, but other than that, my artistic talent was dormant while I raised 4 sons. In the last part of 2006, I had to stop working due to health issues, so I retired from my nursing job. This gave me plenty of time on my hands, and I renewed my lifelong love of art. I had never tried colored pencil, and portraits that I had seen inspired me to give it a try. I started out by doing a drawing for 2 of my sons as Christmas gifts. Then, family members started asking me to do portraits for them. Eventually, I was doing portraits for family, friends, and members of my church. During this time, I regularly interacted with other artists, and received critique of my drawings on an artists’ website. This is where I learned more about doing colored pencil portraits, and my work improved immensely.

I have done many commissioned portraits, and I hope that you will browse through my gallery, read testimonials from past clients, and take a look at my reasonable prices. My specialties include drawings of Jesus, and portraits of men and women in the military (deceased or still serving). As well as people portraits, I do pet portraits, specifically dogs and cats.

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